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Photoghraphy Services

Photo Restoration Service

photo restoration

We offer digital Photo Restoration / Photo Retouching services which include removal of dust and scratches, photo colour correction, colouring b/w photos, restoring old and damaged photos, coloring black and white photos, restoring very old damaged photographs, which are faded and creased with marks, stains, dust and scratches etc; back to original condition (manually done by experienced artists using Photoshop CS).
Bulk Photo restoration jobs are also undertaken at great unbelievable prices!!!
Special effects can also be added to the photographs, like focusing or defocusing parts of the image, softening portraits, adding perspective, correcting distortions, adding optical lens patterns, glows, glints, sparks and flares to produce dramatic effects.

Vectorization Service

vector image

I digitize the image by hand creating the necessary nodes and shapes to produce the supplied image. The resulting vector drawing is the best possible with the fewest nodes and depends very little on how good the original image is. See the sample below.

It can be up-scaling or down-scaling to any size without loss of detail or jagged edges

It can be printed at any resolution and any format (RGB, CMYK) without any loss in quality

What uses

  • Prints
  • canves
  • murals
  • Embroidery
  • And much more...

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